Keep Arlington Great!

Today is Election Day for the 2018 midterms. Historically, midterm elections have produced lower voter turnout than Presidential elections, but this year is different. Not only is the hotly contested race between Sen. Ted Cruz and the Democrat Candidate Rep. Beto O’Rourke drawing national attention, but there are several propositions on the ballot that have the potential to greatly affect the City of Arlington.

In this year’s election, the city has proposed a new $189 million bond package, the first since 2014. The package includes proposals for funding to make needed improvements to our residential and commercial streets (Proposition A), enhance several parks throughout the city (Proposition B), improve firefighting and police facilities (Proposition C), and make necessary updates to public administration buildings (Proposition D). All are worthy of support.

Proposition E, which calls for the creation of extreme term limits for the Mayor and City Council members, has been the source of heavy debate for the past several months. Most respected community leaders have encouraged citizens to vote against the extreme term limits. Arlington is the best run city, in the best run state, in the best run country. Let’s keep it that way!

The consequences of this election have the potential to change politics in our city and our state for years to come. Today is Election Day. Let’s get out and vote!


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