Big Win for Curnutt & Hafer Client in Insurance Dispute

In a significant victory for construction client Hofer Builders, Inc. (HBI), Curnutt & Hafer obtained a judgment finding insurance coverage for an injured HBI worker. Travis County District Court Judge Lora Livingston ruled that HBI’s insurance company owed HBI reimbursement coverage for claims made as a result of fall that left an HBI worker paralyzed. 

The accident happened at a construction site in Louisiana. The underlying construction contract required HBI to obtain insurance for its workers, so the company obtained the insurance required. When the HBI employee was injured, however, the insurance company refused to provide coverage. As a result, HBI was sued by the employee and the owner of the project, as well as the owner’s insurer, all claiming HBI owed millions as a result of the fall and failure to obtain insurance.

Together with Curnutt & Hafer, HBI fought the multiple lawsuits that resulted from the insurance company’s broken promise. In the end, HBI was vindicated.  

“When we buy insurance, we buy a promise that the insurer will be there to protect,” said trial attorney and Curnutt & Hafer founding partner Doug Hafer. Too often that promise is broken. We felt all along that the insurance company would have to pay.

“I’m just happy for Tom and the rest of the folks at HBI,” said Hafer. “I am happy we could help.”